Trees in the forests so huge and high,

Peaks of the mountains touching the sky

Cream white clouds cover the same,

Oh! What a beautiful sight that framed.


Pink white roses scattered on the fields,

Golden yellow blaze thriving for release

Holding to their shadow were the bright green trees,

Could anyone go more week on their knees!?!


Shimmering Valley feverent with hue,

River called Sarno of cerulean Blue

Rays of the Sun brought a hallow to the hill,

Cold chilly breeze blew all who were still.


High on top sturdy and tall,

The great Monte Vesuvio, all had called

Sacred to Hercules; son of Zeus,

Regarded by Romans and Greeks as true.


It stood there all magnificent with pride,

Protecting the nature that stood on its side

Small cities at its base that lay,

Pompeii was one of them, they say.


High class buildings and modern day Architectures,

Roman Screen paintings with beautiful Textures

Peasants and lords called it their home

“Can any other place be more beautiful than Rome?”


Wealthy city it was of Rome

Amphitheater built with stone,

Palaestra with a central swimming pool

Also served as a gymnasium school.


A well structured water system they handled

Distributed into the city through proper channel.

It fed the street fountains and the public baths,

All the business centers and the private houses.


People bustling the cities at dawn,

Vacation time had come and gone

Alive were the sounds of chariots and carts,

Horses galloped along their paths.


Neither had they thought nor would they think

That any sort of danger was at its brink,

On festive days the city would glow

People of pompeii lived with pomp and show.


On one night when the world was quite

Loud came a noise through the night,

Wild tremors hit the ground

Great explosion and a deafening sound.


Drowsy eyes yawning in their sleep

Children awoke throwing sheets to a heap,

Frenzied parents gathered them near

“Something dreadful has happened, my dear”.


In dreadful silence they all looked on

As a huge ball of smoke was rising along

Trapped in fear, they all heard

It was the great, mount vesuvius that roared!


Lightening struck and winds swept by

Horror took over as they looked at the sky,

High above the ground it rose

Volcano had started it’s descend on those.


Screaming with terror the city fled

They knew in minutes they would be dead,

Clutching to their loved ones, they confessed,

“We shall be fine, if we are blessed”.


Red, orange, yellow and black

Molten rock, ashes, and gas

The blazing lava reached a few feat,

And then with a roaring sound crushed the city beneath.


It came so slow and finished so fast

It covered the city like a huge mask

Neither a sound nor a cry

Oh! What a dreadful way to die…


This was the end of the city we know

Lost was the city for centuries to go

Buried children, women and men,

Can still be seen as plastered within

Destroyed magnificent building still stand

As a constant reminder of that beautiful land.

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