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Alaira has committed the most serious crime against a powerful King. If captured, she faces a brutal punishment. With the King’s men on her back and his dark magic against her fate, she is on the run in a race against time.

Her only hope is to escape through the Gates of Heaven, a mythical portal to other realms. Will Alaira find the Gates of Heaven or will she meet the dreaded fate of every criminal in Myrth?

Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven – Book 1 (Released)

Planet Myrth is in ruins. King Creed’s thirst for dark magic and desire to rule over other realms has led to destruction and chaos. In the middle of his tyranny, one woman commits one of the most heinous crime against the throne. If captured, she will face brutal punishment.


Pamita had always harbored a dream of becoming an author. She wrote multiple poems and short stories in school, some of which were published in local magazines and newspapers. Even though her heart was set in writing, she went on to pursue engineering in computer science and joined the corporates. Recently a few of her unfinished novels started coming together and she took a sabbatical to dedicate time on it. She enjoys writing in different genres and tinkering with different voices. She currently resides in Europe with her husband Amitabh and her passion for traveling has led her to explore various cities in Europe, America, and Asia.

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