Red walls surrounded the dimly light hallway of the General’s house where two intruders hid unnoticed behind pillars.

“How long do we have to wait? I am getting hungry,” whispered Mark into his transmission device.

Dwain picked up his gun and bent. “Just keep quiet,” he said. “The General should be here any minute; wait for my signal before doing anything.”

Dwain saw someone approaching. “Look out Mark. Someone is headed your way,” he whispered.

Bang, Bang. The sound of gunshots echoed in the air.

Dwain stood stunned for a second and then roared into his mouthpiece. “What did you do that for?”

“I thought you said someone was coming my way?” Mark said as he reloaded his rifle.

“He was a civilian you idiot, we will be penalized for this!”

“Oh! Sorry. He was dressed in the same clothes as the others.”

“You dumb moron! Now hide the body before the General arrives.”

Mark dragged the body away from sight and hid it behind a wall.

A man dressed in a gray uniform descended the stairs.

“This is it, Mark,” said Dwain. “As soon as the general reaches the last step, do your thing.”

Mark picked up his gun, aimed at the man and was about to take the shot when the general spun around.

“Do you take me for a fool kid,” said the General aiming a silver metallic rifle at him. Before Mark could react, the sound of three gunshots filled the air. Mark’s eyes went wide as he looked down at the blood dripping onto the floor. There were three puncture marks on his chest. His knees trembled and his rifle slipped from his hand as he dropped to the floor. Blood trickled out of his chest staining the General’s shoes.

The General made his way to the body and spoke into his own earphone. “Security has been breached. I need someone down here immediately!”

Dwain pushed his back up against the wall to keep his shadow out of the General’s sight. He held his breath while the General surveyed the room. “I know there is one more of you here. Give up your weapon son, you are surrounded,” said the General. “You won’t make it alive tonight.”

Dwain’s heart raced as the General took steps in his direction. This was it; there was no escape from here. He would either die in the hands of the General or be taken a prisoner, none of which sat well with Dwain. Therefore, he did the next best thing. Dwain released a breath, lifted his rifle higher up and ran out in clear view shooting at the General. The General escaped his shots but an Army of soldiers rained bullets at Dwain. Within a few seconds, everything was over; Dwain hit the ground and the soldiers approached his lifeless body to drag him away.

A few minutes ticked by as the lights dimmed on the screen. Mark took out his headset and frowned at Dwain. “I thought you knew how to play this game!”

Dwain stared at his TV screen with his mouth wide open. “You killed a civilian and lost most of our points! I could have easily killed the General if I had more points to buy an explosive.”

Mark huffed and threw the X-Box controller onto the couch. “I am hungry. Shall we eat our Pizzas now?”

“Yeah, whatever,” said Dwain still upset with Mark. He walked over to the table and picked up the parcel left by the delivery boy.

“Game two after Pizza?” asked Mark, opening the white lid of the box.

“Of course,” said Dwain and they tore into their Pizzas.

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